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Lake Torment, Lake Echo & Lake Charlotte Residents, this summer we will be monitoring your lake, if you would like to participate on the water with your boat, please email Please complete the values survey: "click here" for your chance to win a custom Lake Map Pillow

The image is a logo for "Lakes Appreciation Month" in July 2024. The logo is shaped like a large blue water droplet. Inside the droplet, centered, is the text "July 2024" in bold white letters. Below "July 2024," the website "" is written in smaller white text. Surrounding the bottom half of the droplet is the text "Lakes Appreciation Month" written in a circular path, also in blue. The overall design is clean and simple, emphasizing the water droplet shape and the importance of the event.

Nova Scotians this summer:

How can we support our changing lakes and protect and conserve these special places for future generations? "click here" to learn more

Hands- On Educational Resources

Download and share the information poster to book a workshop in Nova Scotia today "click here"

Lake Appreciation Month July

Oceans Month June

Help Protect Nova Scotia's Shoreline! 

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The image is a logo for the "Love Your Lake" program. At the top is a circular emblem with a stylized depiction of a lake shore, including water, rocks, and vegetation. Inside the circle, the text "Love Your Lake" is written in a large, elegant font. The color scheme is primarily shades of blue and white. Below the emblem, there is a line of text that reads, "The Love Your Lake program is coordinated by." Beneath this text are two logos: On the left, the logo of the Canadian Wildlife Federation, featuring an illustration of a bird in flight and the organization's name in a bold font. On the right, the logo of Watersheds Canada, which includes an image of a green leaf and blue water waves, alongside the organization's name. The overall design is clean and professional, promoting the collaboration between the two organizations in the Love Your Lake program.
Sherbrooke Lake; Sandy Lake; First Lake; Russel Lake; Fox Point Lake; Lake Micmac; Williams Lake : Download your updated Lake Summary Reports by clicking here